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Honorary MembersHonorary Members of the LISOA

It has oft been said that, "in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Then, after a number of intervening years, in 1957 to be exact, the Long Island Swimming Officials Association was created. As its nucleus, He gathered Charlie Schlegal, George Columbo, Jim McAllister, Dick Atwater, Jack Reilly and Frank Krayer. They officiated the meets of the three Long Island high schools that had competitive swim programs and conducted home and home contests. Those schools, and their coaches, were Brentwood (Roy Rapp), Uniondale (Lou Brown) and West Islip (Chuck Brown).

The first LISOA president was Charlie Schlegal. Several years later he left the organization to become the swim coach at the newly initiated program at Plainview High School. The LISOA, wishing to formally recognize its first president for his efforts and energies on its behalf, named him the LISOA's first honorary member. Hence the "birth" of the Honorary Member designation by the Long Island Swimming Officials Association.

Since that time Honorary Membership has been awarded those individuals who have provided outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the organization. Those who have been so honored are:

Stan Adler
Roger Bell .d
Diedre Clark-Towers
George Colombo .d
Scott Donie
Joe Dooley .d
Allen Feld .d
Helen Fraas
Jack Fraas
Duane Green
Peter Hugo
Ken Ilchuk
Bob Kersch
Frank Korowitz
Frank Krayer .d
Alice Kropp
Ed Kropp
Peter Leis
Jim McAlister
Walter Olsewski
Charlie Schlegal

The nominating procedure for this award originates with a recommendation from the LISOA Board of Directors, which is then submitted, to the membership for consideration and approval.

Long Island Swimming Officials Association Presidents

2017-PresentGeorge Fleckenstein

2013-2017 Frank Dowd

2011-2013 Michele Gurrieri

2007-2011 Pete Moechen

2005-2007 Nelson Gonzalez

2003-2005 Tom Cleary

2001-2003 Jeffrey Oberman

1999-2001 Ron Harris

1997-1999 Peter Leis

1995-1997 Lisa Albert

1993-1995 Frank Dowd

1991-1993 Howard Anderson

1989-1991 Jack Fraas

1987-1989 Ray Gape

1985-1987 Pete Moeschen

1983-1985 Roy Rapp

1981-1983 Doug Virkus

1979-1981 Leon Cohen

1977-1979 Joe Dooley

1975-1977 Bob Kersch

1973-1975 George Price

1971-1973 Jim McAllister

1969-1971 John Norton

1967-1969 Bob Kersch

1965-1967 Stan Adler

1963-1965 George Colombo

1959-1963 Frank Krayer

1957-1959 Charlie Schlegel

Distinguished Service Award

The New York State Certified Swimming Officials Association presents a Distinguished Service Award annually.  This award is presented to an official who has made exemplary contributions to interscholastic swimming and diving in New York State, usually for an extended period of time.

Since the initiation of this award in 1983, there have been a number of members of the Long Island Swimming Officials Association, a chapter of the State Association,  who have been honored by being the recipient of this prestigious award.  Those LISOA members who have been so honored are:

1990 - Bob Kersch, Great River

1993 - Stan Adler, North Massapequa

2004 - Pete Moeschen, Long Beach

2008 - Mush Masters, Point Lookout

2011 - Doug Virkus, Center Moriches

2019 - Jim McAllister, Riverhead

2020 - Laurette Tekverk, Elmhurst

The Distinguished Service Award presented by the State Association is the direct result of the efforts of two members of the Long Island Swimming Officials Association. In 1982, Lee Belrose was the National Federation High School officials representative for New York and New England. Lee was an associate member of LISOA in addition to being a member of the Nassau-Suffolk chapter of the State Association. At the same time, Bob Kersch, a past LISOA President, was now the President of the New York State Swimming Officials Association. They collaborated and came up with this award as a way to recognize officials who have provided outstanding service to interscholastic swimming and diving in New York State. Emphasizing the importance of this award, arrangements were made with the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale to place a plaque bearing the names of all the New York State Distinguished Service Award winners on permanent display at the Hall of Fame.